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We provide a convenient all-in-one service for immigration medicals in Christchurch. Patients can have their medical check-up, blood and urine tests and chest x-rays all done here at Doctors on Riccarton through an online service called eMedical. EMedicals can only be done by select providers. We are a provider of immigration eMedical examinations for Immigration New Zealand.

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Due to the demand for Immigration Medicals, Immigration NZ have changed their Immigration Medical examination processes for the 2021 Resident Visa. The information below is now on their website. Click on the link to go Immigration NZ's webpage.

Immigration NZ's (INZ) Health Requirements for the 2021 Resident Visa

Health requirements for the 2021 Resident Visa will be limited but will capture medical conditions which are not eligible for medical waivers (tuberculosis, haemophilia, and conditions requiring dialysis or full-time care).

If you have provided a medical certificate within the last 36 months and were assessed as having an acceptable standard of health, you will not need to provide a further medical certificate. INZ will have this information available.

If your health has changed, or you were previously assessed as not having an acceptable standard of health, you must provide a new limited medical certificate.

If you are applying in Phase 1, you must provide a medical certificate with your application. You have until 31 July 2022 to make your application.

If you are applying in Phase 2, you will be applying using Immigration NZ's enhanced Immigration Online system. This means you will be able to apply even if you have not been able to get a medical certificate before you start your application. If a medical certificate is required, you will be asked to provide one later. If you have been able to get a medical certificate before you start, INZ will have this information and you will not need to supply another one.

Immigration New Zealand may request more health information if required.

If you require a new medical for your 2021 Resident Visa and will be applying for a new temporary visa prior to submitting your application you should get a general medical examination. A limited medical will not fulfil medical requirements for most temporary applications.

Due to the time required to set-up an eMedical, a $50 cancellation fee applies for each applicant. 

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Also, information is available on the Immigration NZ website. Click here