Patient Info » Appointments

Please ring 03 348 8989 during our opening hours to make an appoinment.

Appointments are approximately 15 minutes long. Some appointments may take slightly longer, some appointments will be shorter. Please note, if you come in with a long list, the doctor may not be able to deal with it in one consultation, and you will be asked to schedule another appointment. This is out of courtesy for the patients who have appointments after yours. If you think you need more time, please let the receptionists know and they will schedule a longer appointment. There are extra charges for extended consultations.

In the event of a life threatening situation (such as a collapse), please contact emergency services by dialling 111.

In the event of an emergency situation not requiring hospitalisation (such as chest pain, excessive bleeding, shortness of breath or minor burns), we will fit you in without an appointment. A triage nurse will assess you first. Please note, we will assess and determine the urgency of the situation.

Some patients insist on being seen urgently when it is not a genuine emergency. In these situations, we will try our best to fit you in as early as possible.

Home Visits
Home visits are arranged in special circumstances only. Usually, we ask patients to attend the medical centre as it is fully equipped.