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Measles Vaccine availability low

Posted by on 8 October 2019

With the current Measles outbreak in New Zealand, especially in the Auckland area, the country has been left depleted of the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine. The national supplier have had difficulty in getting adequate supplies of the vaccine into the country.

Our stocks of the MMR vaccine are very low. We have been requested by the Ministry of Health to reserve the few we have for the following:-

  • Children who are due their 15 month immunisations, which includes their 1st MMR vaccine, and Children who are due their 4 years immunisations, which includes their 2nd MMR vaccine
  • For children aged between 4 - 18 years old, who have NEVER had an MMR, we can ONLY give the 1st MMR to those aged under 5. WE CANNOT GIVE 1ST MMR Vaccine TO CHILDREN ABOVE THE AGE OF 5 OR ADULTS.
  • For travellers: we can ONLY give 12-15 month olds their 1st MMR early IF they have PROOF of travel (travel includes Auckland and overseas). We cannot give the 4 year old dose early even if travelling. Proof of travel means an airline or bus ticket.

Parents with young babies or those who work with children - we are not able to give any MMR.

If your situation falls outside the above criteria, we are under strict orders that we cannot give an MMR vaccine, and we are being audited as to whom these are given to. Please do not ring us to argue your case.