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Measles Vaccine and Measles Outbreak

Posted by Practice Manager on 22 May 2019

Current Situation

The last confirmed case of measles in Canterbury was notified on the 30th March. It is likely that the current measles outbreak will be declared as over by Community and Public Health in the near future pending no new cases.

Current Recommendations

Vaccination distribution and priority across New Zealand is now being directed to areas currently experiencing measles cases.
We are now advised to:

  • Revert back to the National Immunisation Schedule, providing the first MMR vaccination at 15months age and the second MMR at 4 years of age.
  • within the National Schedule, any unvaccinated individuals under the age of 50 years may still be vaccinated on an opportunistic basis.
  • the New Zealand Ministry of Health currently recommend that those embarking on overseas travel (particularly to endemic areas) are fully vaccinated with a documented 2 MMR doses prior to travel.
  • People born before 1969 (50 years of age and over) will likely have been exposed to the measles virus and will have acquired immunity. It is not indicated to vaccinate in this older age group.