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Covid Vaccinations - No appointment necessary

Posted by on 26 October 2021

While we prefer you to make an appointment for your Covid Vaccination, there are appointment gaps during the day so we do accept walk ins. We encourage all patients to get their Covid Vaccine as soon as possible so we can get back to normality.

How the vaccine works

The COVID-19 vaccine works by teaching your body to fight the virus and protects you from getting sick. The vaccine cannot give you COVID-19. You will need two doses of the vaccine, three weeks or more apart. To ensure you have the best protection, make sure you get both doses.

Is the vaccine safe?

The Pfizer vaccine has been thoroughly assessed for safety by our own Medsafe experts. Medsafe only grants consent for using a vaccine in Aotearoa once they’re satisfied it has met strict standards for safety, efficacy and quality. This is the same process used to assess other medicines, like the flu vaccine. There have been no shortcuts taken in granting approval. The Pfizer vaccine has been used successfully by millions worldwide. It continues to be monitored for safety