Flu vaccine 2015

Have you had your flu vaccine this year?  Please ring 348 8989 and make an appointment with one of our Practice Nurses. Influenza immunisation is available FREE* until August 31st for those who: are... Find out more


Doctors on Riccarton is a modern general practice committed to providing high quality care to you and your family. Our team of doctors, nurses and radiographers have a wide range of skills to cater for your many medical needs. New patients are always welcome.

Medical Clinic Riccarton

Immigration Medicals

eMedicals are available at Doctors on Riccarton

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Zero Fees Under 13

From 1 July 2015 enrolled children under 13:
• are no longer charged a fee for visits for subsidised services
• have access to zero fees after-hours care

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Zero Fees for Under 9

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